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Vaddio - 999-21132-000W
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RoboSHOT 30E-M HD PTZ Camera (White, US Cord)

Model: 999-21132-000W

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The RoboSHOT 30E-M PTZ Camera is the leading long range zoom camera Certified for Microsoft Teams. With an impressive 30x zoom, the RoboSHOT 30E-M is perfect for medium and large Microsoft Teams Rooms. The RoboSHOT 30E-M provides a consistent, repeatable, and high-quality Microsoft Teams experience from Vaddio. Designed with an 1/2.5-type Exmor R CMOS sensor, RoboSHOT 30E-M delivers striking, high-definition video image quality. Cutting-edge image signal processing (ISP) results in better light-gathering capabilities, incredible contrast and sharp 1080p/60 video, even in dim lighting conditions. Invite anyone to the front row of your Microsoft Teams Room for lifelike conferencing, training and collaboration sessions. The RoboSHOT 30E-M has a 20x optical zoom and an additional 10x of IntelliZoom™ Image Processing. IntelliZoom image processing technology lets you zoom across large Microsoft Teams Rooms without compromising any resolution quality of the image. Most digital zooms use electronic cropping to get closer to the subject, resulting in fuzzy images. The RoboSHOT 30E-M camera’s powerful processor compares patterns found in adjacent pixels and creates new pixels to match selected patterns, resulting in more realistic, higher-quality images. RoboSHOT 30E-M offers unparalleled color adjustment options for a fine-tunable professional quality image in rooms with different levels of illumination. Its wide dynamic range can help correct for environments with uneven lighting by making darker or over-bright areas in the video more visible and detailed. Integrators can further customize the experience by adding preset controls that allow for easy switching between multiple views of your Microsoft Teams Room. A web-based user interface gives the user camera control with a web browser from anywhere in the world over the IP network. Perfect for remote management, network operating centers and overall IT control. The RoboSHOT 30E-M can also be managed and updated using the Microsoft Teams admin center.

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