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Jupiters Hotel & Casino
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Jupiters Hotel & Casino

The new state-of-the-art theatre located within the Jupiters Hotel and Casino complex in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, revolutionizes the theatre viewing experience through modern technology and architecture.

After a $20 million makeover in 2012, and seating capacity now more than doubled, Jupiters Theatre is one of the biggest multi-functional theatres in Australia. Its mechanical thrust stage now allows for an audience of up to 2150 people. The new design includes a second balcony level, VIP hospitality rooms for preand post-event functions, an impressive lighting rig and a high-tech surround sound system. More than $1 million was invested in upgrading the sound and lighting equipment alone, with the goal of ensuring a custom-designed “perfect sound experience for every seat.” And, because Jupiters Theatre is committed to accessibility, the sound engineering team ensured that the latest in assistive listening technology would be integrated into the overall design of the facility and made readily available to visitors.

This listening technology includes the installation of multiple WIR TX9s (two-channel infrared emitters), a MOD 232 (two-channel infrared modulator) and multiple WIR RX18s (two-channel infrared receivers) from Williams Sound. This set-up is used for meeting the theatre’s hearing assistance, language interpretation and audio description needs.

The WIR TX9 from Williams Sound produces a wide-angle infrared signal that concentrates infrared energy efficiently where patrons are seated in the theatre. Operating on the 2.3-3.8 MHz bandwidth, the WIR TX9 is less susceptible to radio and lighting interference and thus provides crisper and clearer audio. Each WIR TX9 emitter can cover up to 28,000 sq. feet (2,600 sq. meters) in single-channel operation. This coverage area was easily increased in the theatre by daisy chaining additional WIR TX9 emitters.

The microprocessor-controlled MOD 232 modulator from Williams Sound handles two audio channels. (Baseband outputs can daisy-chain two MOD 232 together for four-channel operation.) Flexible combination jacks permit balanced/unbalanced line-level inputs. Carrier frequencies are controlled by the microprocessor and a frequency synthesizer.

The Williams Sound WIR RX18 two-channel infrared receivers are available upon request, free of charge, to Jupiter Theatre patrons who have difficulty hearing. These easy-to-operate, under-the-chin style receivers feature high-quality, low-distortion sound and silicon ear couplings for maximum comfort
and performance.

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