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High Definition De-Interlacing Scan Converter for Gem80 PLCs

Model: Interlace Buster

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The Interlace Buster is a high performance de-interlacing scan converter that has been designed, developed and manufactured specifically for the Gem80. This purpose designed product de-interlaces and stabilises a 15 KHz interlaced video signal and then converts it into VGA/SVGA style format which can be displayed on a wide range of VGA/SVGA and High Resolution monitors up to 20m from the source. Being transparent to the host this stand alone/rack mountable in-line converter neatly dovetails into an existing system without the need for software upgrades, drivers or complex installation procedures. Aimed initially at the traditional CEGELEC GEM-80 Imagem graphics user base, this product offers a long-term cost effective solution to a user who is considering renewing a specialised, expensive long persistence phosphor display for whom until now using a quality, low-cost VGA monitor has been out of the question. Interlace Buster can be used in conjunction with Calibre’s VGA2, VGA10 and DisplayMaster products to offer distributed video output to multiple locations which can each be up to 100m from the video source.
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