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RGB to PAL Video Encoder

Model: PAL Encoder

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PAL Encoder is designed to convert component 15.625KHz/50Hz analogue video signals into composite PAL format. It can accept varying sync and signal formats including RGB, separate syncs, composite syncs and sync on green. The input signals are encoded into both Composite (CVBS) and YC(SVHS) signal types, the two outputs are independent of each other and may be used simultaneously. By utilising solid-state filters and internal timing circuits which are locked to the internal colour subcarrier crystal oscillator, it has been possible to realise a compact encoder with good accurate signal performance, output stability and no need for periodic realignment. The compact design allows the Encoder to be housed in a very robust and space conscious extruded aluminium case, self contained with its mains power supply, well suited to the rigours of industrial and professional applications. The Encoder can operates with various RGB signals types, selection being via a front panel DIL switch. It can accept composite sync between 250mV and 5V pk-pk, analogue or TTL levels; separate H&V syncs at 5V/TTL levels or sync on green. Sync type detection is automatic in RGB mode with sync on green having lowest priority. 75 Ohm termination of each input is separately switchable. There is an internal chroma band notch filter on the composite output, this is normally used to reduce cross coloration caused by luma content in the chroma frequency band. It can be disabled via a DIL switch on the front panel.
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