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15" XGA Multimedia LCD Monitor for Industrial, OEM and Desktop Use

Model: PremierView15ID

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PremierView15ID is a very high performance TFT-LCD display. Based around Calibre's proprietary PremierView4 LCD driver technology, it is able to connect directly to a very wide range of video or computer image sources and display images full screen on its 15" viewable diagonal, wide viewing angle screen. PremierView4 is one of the most flexible LCD systems on the market able to accept a wide range of input resolutions. PremierView4 features true autoscanning real-time software algorithms to allow it to be adjusted to suit most non-standard resolutions and signal timings within its resolution, line and field rate ranges. Specific compatibility with non-standard signal timings and custom resolutions can also be provided as a customer specific option and special industrial models are available for use on ABB Mod300/Tesselator, CGA/EGA/BBC TTL signals & Siemens WF470.PremierView15ID uses a 1024x768 TFT LCD panel for display of real-time Video or computer VGA-SXGA full screen, full-motion in real time. Through the standard VGA connector, composite sync and sync on green from high resolution sources such as workstations are also supported. A DVI digital graphics input is available as an optional extra. A professional grade video decoder is available as an option which gives outstanding composite and YC video performance through the use of a 4-line comb filter and vertical noise reduction algorithm. This option also adds a selectable RGB/YUV component video input. SDI serial digital video with PAL or NTSC timings is also available as an additional option. A lower cost standard grade video decoder is also available for less demanding applications. High performance scaling algorithms work without compromising image quality or resolution irrespective of the signal resolution implemented. It is compatible with Composite and Y/C (SVHS, S-video) inputs with automatic detection of PAL, NTSC & SECAM video, and/or most computer RGB signals from 640x350 up to 1280x1024. Very flexible wide-ranging picture controls are provided via an on-screen menu. These controls include picture size/position controls as well as contrast, brightness, and colour/hue for video. PremierView15ID uses a premium grade high-brightness high-contrast 15" TFT-LCD panel with 24-bit per pixel colour depth and very wide viewing angles. This ensures maximum colour depth and accurate grey-scale reproduction, with no field merging, no field dropping or repetition and no pixel or line dropping to ensure accurate motion reproduction and clean image scaling.
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