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The First Portable PA to Make Digital Recordings
Posted on Monday, May 18, 2009
The First Portable PA to Make Digital Recordings

The PowerPro™ SD (PA916-SD) is the first portable PA to feature 512 MB internal memory. With its onboard memory, the PowerPro is a portable recording device, providing users with the ability to save the broadcasted message for later playback.

Since the PowerPro SD operates on universal AC (110/220-volt) power, as well as DC power supplied by its rechargeable battery, you can record indoors or outside while you’re nowhere near any power. To record a speech or a presentation onto the internal memory, first make sure the power for the speaker is on and the separate power switch for the MP3 section is also on. Then press “RECORD” to begin recording. The default is to record to the internal memory, but if an SD card is inserted into the PowerPro SD, it will instead record to the SD card. You can choose between recording to the internal memory or an SD card by simply pressing the “SD/FLASH” button. A recording saved onto the internal memory can also be transferred and stored in a computer, to an SD memory card, or a USB storage device for post-production and preservation.

The user friendly recording feature enables school staff to record announcements, ceremonial speeches or from special presenters. Hotels and convention facilities will appreciate this feature coupled with the ability of the PowerPro to handle larger crows by sending its wireless signal 300′ to an unlimited number of powered support speakers. Houses of worship can utilize this capability to record sermons to post online for absentee members to download later, or even wedding vows when the service is held outdoors… A fitness instructor/trainer can record the instructions for all the steps and movements in a workout via the PowerPro SD internal memory and replay it for other classes scheduled later.

The internal memory feature also enables educators to create customized curriculum/lesson material. An educator could create the appropriate recorded books/lessons based on students’ language levels and skills. For instance, the instructor can play selected theme music from the CD player of the PowerPro SD, and start reading chapters from a book with both reading and music recorded in the internal memory to be played back in the class. Students can benefit from the level-appropriate material and learn efficiently from the voice they are familiar with.

Besides the real-time/live recording, the internal memory could also be utilized to copy files from computers, media players, or SD cards. A lesson plan or a presentation program with integrated data from various media can be designed and recorded in advance to store in a the internal memory. On the date of the event, there is no more hassle for the presenter to remember bringing various media to the event location, just utilize the internal memory to play saved data and relax and enjoy the event with everyone else.

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