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Poll Reflects Greater Reliance On Classroom Infrared System
Posted on Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Poll Reflects Greater Reliance On Classroom Infrared System

Increasing use of classroom teleconferencing underscored by the need for consistent and reliable coverage.

Califone has announced the results of an online poll asking educators for their input of the most important features they need in an Infrared Classroom Audio System.

The most frequently reported need (50% of respondents) was for a system to have consistent coverage and reliability, without any signal drop-out which creates gaps in the amplified audio so the audience doesn’t hear the complete message. The root of this lies with the nature of infrared transmission, which most classroom systems use. Since infrared relies on a line of sight transmission from the microphone to the receiving ceiling sensor, even a simple movement such as turning around could inadvertently place the teacher between the two, blocking the signal and creating inconsistent coverage. The Califone Infrared Audio System overcomes this issue by including two ceiling sensors instead of the industry standard single receiver, providing reliable audio wherever its two wireless microphones go within the room.

The second most common need (33% of respondents) was for the system to have teleconferencing capabilities. Classrooms of all sizes, locations, and levels are increasingly using this function for its variety of benefits. With the ability to link classrooms worldwide, educators are embracing teleconferencing to: establish a visual connection among participants; enable connections with external resources such as remote experts can help validate understanding, provide feedback, and introduce practical examples; support the use of diverse media; facilitate document sharing for collaboration and feedback; enable multiple guests and allow for live debate. The Califone Infrared Audio System is the first  system to be compatible with both PC and Mac-based teleconferencing systems such as Microsoft® Netmeeting, enabling all students to hear and participate in the call.

The poll and its results support the continuing improvement of the Classroom Infrared Audio system and other Califone AV products.

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