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Casio, the leader in LampFree® Projectors, utilizes a unique Laser & LED hybrid light source technology for amazing high brightness and performance. The reliable LampFree® light source has an estimated life of 20,000 hours and eliminates the risk of downtime due to mercury lamp failure. With no mercury lamp to replace, Casio projectors are earth-friendly and have a significantly lower TCO.
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Students learning ABC's through 3D learning program
Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2012
Students learning ABC's through 3D learning program

Children in McKinney, Texas, are learning through a new technology program called Letters Alive, which is a 3D tool designed to help students learn the alphabet, the Star Local News recently reported.

According to the news provider, the 3D tool, which was introduced last spring at Lawson Early Childhood Center, works by matching letters of the alphabet to an animal.

"It's just not the typical way that students learn," Lawson library media worker Holly Hammonds told the Star Local News. "It used to be just the flash cards; now, it's an engaging technology that they're all excited about."

Other technology can help spark students' basic learning interests. For example, schools can use a tablet computer, a document camera or a classroom projector to engage their children and increase class participation.

The news source also reported that the characters shown to children on Letters Alive are accompanied by a sound. Assistant principal Patricia Gerig said the program has received a positive reaction from the students, and once they are fluent in the letter program, they will use the 3D technology to learn about words and sentences.

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