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New Options for Aavelin System
Posted on Thursday, October 9, 2008

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MagicBox Logo October 6, 2008

Here are the latest announcements from MagicBox concerning new products, features, and company news.

SignMate Now Available with Video Pass Through
The Aavelin SignMate is the most recently developed Aavelin product. It is a small form factor player with the same output capabilities as the Aavelin HDP (AV400P). The Aavelin SignMate now comes with a 2x Video Switcher. This allows you to pass standard definition video through the SginMate and display it as full screen or in a window on a page. The video switcher includes one composite input and one S-Video input. The SignMate also offers a single audio input and can be used with the video switcher.

New TxStream/Data Feeds – News Data and Stock Ticker
As part of our TxStream services, we now offer two additional feeds. The first one is our TxStream Data Service package which includes National, World, Business, and Entertainment news headlines; Sports and Financial Highlights. Each of these can be a separate TxStream feed added to any project in Aavelin Composer. This service requires a one year subscription and can be combined with a subscription to the NOAA Weather feed.

The second feed we now offer is custom stock market symbols. Create a custom stock ticker to be used in a crawl region in an Aavelin project. You tell us which stock symbols you want to display and we create a customized TxStream feed. Cost varies by which stocks you want to display and how many.

Partnership with PeopleCube
MagicBox Inc has formed an offical partnership with PeopleCube.

For more information including pricing, please give us a call.

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