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Draper, Inc. creates core, advanced, and tailored solutions for the pro audiovisual marketplace, including projection screens, mounts and structures for LED and LCD, projector enclosures and lifts, window shades, and videoconferencing solutions. Established in 1902, Draper markets through a network of dealers and distributors to commercial, architectural, educational, and residential markets.

Model: FlexStyle® Cassette Clutch

Adds a touch of luxury to any room décor, the FlexStyle® Cassette Clutch features an affordable high-end manual cassette shade with smooth, quiet operation, and independent control.
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Outdoor Shades and Windy Conditions
Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Outdoor Shades and Windy Conditions

May 10, 2023 - Outdoor shades should be as resistant as possible to wind and weather. But while shades should never be deployed during damaging winds, the question remains: How wind resistant are they? And how do you prove it?

Draper took several FlexShade ZIP units to a well-known Florida wind tunnel capable of generating wind speeds of 150 mph. Three sizes were tested. Multiple openness mesh fabrics and 1 opaque fabric were used.

Based on test data, we are confident the FlexShade ZIP can withstand high wind speeds when deployed and properly installed, although flying debris can cause damage.

For the best results, outdoor shades must be properly installed. Draper provides system drawings and installation instructions to help achieve the best results.

ZIP units are great for moderate weather control, bug control, and climate control. Expect more from your outdoor zip shades – learn more about Draper products!

Click here for our full white paper containing the complete test results.

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