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HamiltonBuhl (VCOM) - HygenXWR25
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Master Carton (600 Pair) - HygenX Sanitary Headphone Covers for On-Ear Headsets

Series: Hamilton Electronics

Model: HygenXWR25

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HamiltonBuhl Portable, Automatic Sanitizer

Keep everyone clean and healthy with the HamiltonBuhl Portable, Automatic Sanitizer, Hygenx-UVC!

This unique sanitizer developed, patented and built exclusively by HamiltonBuhl automatically and safely sanitizes headphones with UVC light irradiation.

The portable unit eliminates over 99% of harmful pathogens by passing direct UVC light over the items being sanitized, then reflecting the UVC light off built-in reflectors, completely flooding all the surfaces with the UVC light for one to two minutes.

The Hygenx-UVC is fully automatic and features rolling wheel attachment, extendable handle,  an integrated timer, built-in electromagnetic latches to keep the unit securely closed during the operating cycle and a fast and safe sterilization process!

Headphones shown are not included.

Click on video to see HygenX in action!

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