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HamiltonBuhl (VCOM) - X19HLCWHC
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4.5" HygenX NatureWeave Biodegradable Sanitary Ear Cushion Cover for Over-ear Headphones and Headsets, White

Model: X19HLCWHC

  • Compatibility:
  • CL-LED
  • CL-7V
  • HA-31
  • HA5USB
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Environmentally-Friendly, 100% Biodegradable HygenX Ear Cushion Covers made of NatureWise™ fiber

HygenX™ 100% biodegradable sanitary covers are the must have accessory for all headphones and headsets in any shared environments. These disposable covers are the safe, easy and environmentally responsible way to help halt the spread of germ and bacteria to keep your students, performers, lecturers, guests and patients protected.

Made from sustainable, environmentally safe, hypoallergenic, NatureWeave™ natural fiber with special weave design, the HygenX™ disposable, sanitary headphone and headset covers are ideal for use in any environment.

Enjoy full sound quality, comfort and protection. Simply stretch the covers over the headphone ear cups and you’re all set. It's that easy to ensuring peace of mind and cleanliness when it comes to shared headphones.

  • Compatibility:
  • CL-LED
  • CL-7V
  • HA-31
  • HA5USB
  • HA-66M
  • HA-66USBSM
  • HA7
  • HA7M
  • TLX-44S
  • W900-MULTI
  • Applications:
  • Education - Listening centers, computer labs, media centers, testing centers
  • Business - Call centers, drive through operators, recording studios, display and demo headphones, trade shows, group presentations, helicopter tours
  • Healthcare - Patients and visitors, MRI headphones
  • Work-site - Hearing protection devices
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