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MZ 1 - MKE 1 Accessory Kit, consisting of (2) each MZQ1 mini clips, MZQ10 mini-clamps, ZH1 pin mounts, MZM1 magnetic mounts with lanyard & MZW01 windshield baskets (black & beige for each), (4) MZW02 foam windshields, & plastic case

Model: MZ 1

Part #: 504060

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The MZ 1 accessory set: everything one needs for the MKE 1. The MZ 1 accessory set comes in a transparent, compartmentalized box that includes different clips for securely attaching the microphone, plus various accessories for protection against wind.

The accessory set includes two mini clips, two "Dracula" mounts, two small magnetic mounts including a lanyard, and two mini clamps that are rotatable by 360 degrees as well as a cover-up made of soft plastic that surrounds the microphone, providing protection when affixed in a concealed manner. All clips and mounts are available in black and white. For added protection against wind noise, the kit also includes two windshield baskets (black and beige) and four foam windshields in black, white, beige and brown. The windshield basket reduces wind noise by up to 22 dB, and the foam windshield on the small basket reduces noise by 10 dB. All of the accessories can also be ordered individually as spare parts.

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