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Spectrum Industries

Spectrum Industries, Inc. is a provider of innovative, quality instructional and corporate furnishing products, with a focus of meeting all your technology needs. Founded in 1968 and proudly headquartered in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, where all products are designed and assembled, Spectrum has gained a strong reputation for producing quality products in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Spectrum Introduces Standard AV Cutout on Lecterns and Optio Collaboration Table
Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2017

Description: Spectrum offers standard cutouts on their lecterns and Optio Collaboration Table to support popular AV/IT technology from Crestron® and Extron®, reducing lead times for customers.  

CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI – Spectrum Industries, Inc., Chippewa Falls, WI based manufacturer, is excited to announce the addition of standard cutouts available on all their lecterns and on their Optio Collaboration Table.  

“Spectrum is one of the first manufacturer’s to offer standard cutouts from the leading power and sharing systems within their lecterns and tables,” states Scott Dorn, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “By pre-configuring these products, we make it easy for organizations and systems integrators to accommodate their preferred technology. It also drastically reduces the lead times when compared to custom fabricated products.”

The following cut-outs are now available on these Spectrum lecterns: Freedom XRS Elite, Freedom One eLift, Honors, Inspiration, and the Media Manager Series including the Director, Elite, Link, and Compact.

Extron®                                               Crestron®                                                           

·         Cable Cubby 202                          •    TSW-760

·         Cable Cubby 500                          •    TSW-1060

·         Cable Cubby 700                                                              

·         TLP 350MV                                                                         

·         TLP Pro 320M                                                                    

·         TLP Pro 520M

·         TLP Pro 720M

·         MLC226 IP

·         MLC226 IP DV+

·         MLC226 IP AAP

·         AAP 104

The following cutouts are also available on the Optio Collaboration Table:

Extron®                                                    Crestron®                            Kramer ®                            

·         Cable Cubby 202                               •    FT-600                            •    TBUS-5XL

·         Cable Cubby 500                               •    FT-TS-600                       •    TBUS-1AXL

·         Cable Cubby 700

·         Cable Cubby 1200

·         Cable Cubby 1400                                                           

·         TLP 350CV                                                                          

·         TLP Pro 720C

·         TT-100

·         TT-111



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