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TV One Ships CORIO®matrix, The Anything In, Anything Out Modular Matrix Router
Posted on Tuesday, November 1, 2011
TV One Ships CORIO®matrix, The Anything In, Anything Out Modular Matrix Router
Erlanger, KY , November 1, 2011—TV One ships the new C3-340 CORIO®matrix, the first of many revolutionary products from the new CORIOmax product line.
The C3-340 CORIO®matrix is based on TV One's exclusive CORIO®2 technology and provides high quality modular video matrix switching using CORIO®softswitch, which provides an industry first firmware based video routing, switching and video conversion platform. 16 AV universal module slots are available and the CORIO®matrix automatically recognizes the modules inserted as an input or output module. With the CORIO®matrix there are no dedicated input or output slots when using 2-Channel DVI-U or 3G-SDI modules. This flexibility allows end user configurations to be based on their own needs instead of the router forcing a certain setup and limited configuration. Additional DVI-U or 3G-SDI modules can be added later in open slots without having to re-set the router. All AV modules are hot swappable and recognized for immediate auto configuration.
By choosing scaled output modules, the CORIO®matrix also provides Up, Down and Cross conversion between a variety of analog and digital video formats through 3G-SDI. With up to 64 I/O's possible, the modules selected will determine what format will be accommodated and the matrix size. Signal parameters of the incoming video may be adjusted. All settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are retained even when power is switched off. User defined presets are also available to customize settings for various applications.
The DVI-U universal interface utilizes a single DVI-I connector to provide the following signal formats: HDMI, DVI-I, plus analog YUV, YPbPr, RGBHV, RBBS, RGsB, Y/C and Composite Video. A variety of adapters are available to convert from DVI-I to other connectors. The DVI-U output module with scaling allows any input to be converted to any of the DVI-U formats on the output. The high resolution DVI-U outputs are selectable as virtually any PC or HDTV resolution.
The Advanced features of the C3-340 CORIO®matrix include advanced Digital Flicker Elimination circuitry and high 4:4:4 full bandwidth sampling rate ensuring crisp, clear images, while full bandwidth chroma sampling ensures faithfully reproduced, high resolution colors. Pixel Level Motion Adaptive Diagonal Interpolation and Noise Reduction ensures high quality de-interlacing of PAL, NTSC and 1080i signals. 3:2 Pull-down ensures proper 24 fps film extraction from NTSC and 1080i sources.
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