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tvONE's Videowall Solution for ON AIR Broadcast Displays
Posted on Tuesday, July 30, 2013
ERLANGER, KY, July 30, 2013 - KSL TV, a local NBC network affiliate located in Salt Lake City, Utah, desired a new and improved news set design, replacing fixed, motionless set backgrounds, branding and logos. Perhaps, something similar to what you would see on a major news network set with everything interchangeable at the click of a button using computers and graphics.
"We did not want to go with a traditional local news feel," said Tanya Vea, executive vice-president for KSL TV news. She continued, "We think we're bigger than that. We think we're better than that."
KSL TV turned to Broadcast Design International, a full service design firm located near San Diego, CA, for support in the development and installation process. Broadcast Design International (BDI) has been serving domestic and international clients for the past 20 years in the Broadcast industry specializing in studio sets, newsroom and facility set design.
George Edelmann, Senior Design Representative of Broadcast Design International, states, "In order to create KSL TV's desired news set, BDI needed a processor that would handle the multiple aspect ratios of these different configurations using various video sources from computer animation to live HD video and tvONE's C3-540 CORIOmaster was just the solution."
With the help of tvONE, BDI configured and installed the C3-540 CORIOmaster to power Nine (9) 60" Salitek MPDP60 Plasma displays in a 3 x 3 configuration and two (2) 42" Orion PDP plasma displays in the face of the anchor desk. Along with the hi-res monitors BDI had two configurations of low-res LED displays. One was a 15 x 3 "L" shaped wall, which wraps around an oblique corner angle and the other a 6 x 5 panel wall. These were originally seen as a challenge to control images and video in an odd aspect ratio in the LED wall, but BDI quickly realized otherwise.
George states, "The CORIOmaster worked flawlessly to handle an "L" shaped wall that was approximately 28' wide by 5' tall and another 11'wide by 9.5' tall." He continued, "CORIOmaster did better than expected in handling the various video displays in different aspect ratios while using various types of sources all in HD. Setup and operation was easy and took half the time we expected. The service department and technical support has been first class, understanding that we are dealing with live broadcasting on a daily basis."
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