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Summer Session - 2020 (June 01 - October 31)

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Summer Session - 2020 (June 01 - October 31)

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This course will give a full overview of the ClearOne products used in AV Collaboration including some Audio Basics as well. This is a self-paced class approximately 10 hours total. It can be done at your own pace and at various time intervals. If you are experienced, you can “test out” of an individual class by taking the exam first and passing it if you choose to do so. When completed, this course is worth 5 RUs for CTS, CTS-I, or CTS-D credit.


Audio Fundamentals for Conferencing

AF101 - Basics for Audio Novices

AF110 - Audio Conferencing Basics


Speaker Phones

AC210 - Chats: Group & Personal Speakerphones


Conference Phones

AC220 - Max: Wired, IP, & Wireless Conference Phones


DSP Mixers

AC230 - Converge Pro 2 Mixers

AC240 - Converge Huddle

AC250 - Converge USB & GPIO Expanders

AC255 - Bluetooth Expander

AC260 - Console AI - Configuration Software Overview



AC270 - Wired Mics - BMAs

AC280 - Wired Mics - CMAs

AC290 - Wireless Mics - Dialog 20

AC295 - Wireless Mics - WS800


Cloud Collaboration

VC300 - Collaborate Space - Overview

VC310 - Collaborate Space - Messaging

VC320 - Collaborate Space - Channels

VC330 - Collaborate Space - Meetings

VC340 - Collaborate Space - Classroom

VC350 - Collaborate Space - Webinars

VC360 - Collaborate Space - WebRTC

VC370 - Collaborate Space - Microsoft Teams Integration


Professional Cameras

VC400 - Unite 20/50/150/200


BYOD Collaboration

VC500 - Collaborate Versa Overview

VC525 - Collaborate Versa Pro CT

VC540 - Console AI Lite Overview

VC590 - AV Solution Examples


Video Collaboration

VC600 - Collaborate Live Overview

VC620 - Collaborate Live C300

VC630 - Collaborate Live C600

VC640 - Collaborate Live GUI

VC650 - Collaborate Share

VC690 - Convergence AV Manager

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